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    Welcome to the African Network For Fish Technology and Safety  website. We are confident that our website will give you enough information. You will see and learn more of what we are about, what we do, our Mission, Vision and Projects. This website will keep you informed of our projects activities and give useful information that you may need.

    Enjoy your visit.

    African Network Fish Technology and safety (ANFTS) was formally endorsed by a group of 28 experts in fish technology on the African Continent in 2009 in Douala, Cameroon. However, the idea of the network establishment had been conceived by INFOPECHE as early as 2000 in a workshop supported by UNIDO.

    The network with the support of FAO and other donors had been represented in various meetings in The Hague, Cape Town, Sydney, Agadir, Bagamoyo, Dublin, Douala, Windhoek, Washington DC, Seychelles and Dar Es Salaam. Currently, ANFTS does not have an established Secretariat but has coordinating offices in the countries of the members of the Executive Board as well as FAO office in Rome. With the help of FAO and SMARTFISH, it is hoped that a secretariat will soon be established in Bagamoyo, Tanzania at the Fisheries Education and Training Agency.

    ANFTS’ vision is “Appropriate Fish Technology for Safe Products and Market Access”.


    ANFTS mission is “The ANFTS embraces the belief that the Fisheries Sector on the continent needs to be enhanced and endeavour itself to provide guidance and support through appropriate projects, technology, research, training and information dissemination”